About Us

Trading in beautiful exotic handcrafted fashion, textiles and accessories from the East.

We have been sourcing amazing, hard to find pieces since 2008, trading in markets around Australia and online around the world.  Our clothes are sourced from ethnic cottage industries, desert gypsies, hill tribes & entrepreneurial women with small businesses and families like us.  We sell a lot of good quality bamboo rayon clothing, that has been tried and tested, lasts a long time and is made by hand.

The suppliers we buy from receive their fair price, their workers a living wage, and we travel there to ensure that.
Find us on Saturday's at our pop up shop beside the river at the famous
West End Market in West End, Brisbane and the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday's at Redcliffe Market, Brisbane.
Find us or phone us on
0421 981 497
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Thank you for your purchase and thank you for your 
uniqueness in an ever increasing standardised world.