Banjara bags & purses

The Banjara, also called the Lamani, are nomadic people from the Indian state of Rajasthan, now spread out all over the Indian subcontinent.  Like many nomadic castes they claim to be descended from Rajputs; and together with the Domba, they are called the "Gypsies of India".  They are known for their coloured dress, folk ornaments and bangles.

Banjaras are traditionally known as suppliers and pack bullock carriers and the Banjara word is derived from the Sanskrit word vana chara (wanderers in the jungle).  The word Lamani is derived from the Sanskrit word lavana (salt) which was the principal good they transported across the country.  Their traditional living place, called Tanda, is usually located outside the village.

All of the tribes clothing is handmade from handspun cotton, embroidered cloth, mirrors, coins, silver, brass, natural stones, cowrie shells, beads and bells.  This is not new fabric, and has "character", it is clearly and unmistakably authentic and has been worn by the tribal women themselves before we upcycle it into our beautiful bags.